Maldives: The Most Ideal Honeymoon Destination

21st October 2021
Haab Naseem
Maldives: The Most Ideal Honeymoon Destination
There is one place in the world that every couple wants to travel for their honeymoon. And that is the Maldives. Located in the Indian Ocean, this paradise offers crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and most importantly...overwater bungalows!

Why you should consider a Maldives Honeymoon

The Maldives is a breathtaking destination that has captivated the hearts of honeymooners and luxury vacationers for decades. The sun-kissed beaches and crystal blue waters provide a refreshing retreat from the drudgery of everyday life. As for the activities, the variety is nearly endless. You can wander through white sandy beaches and explore sunken ships, scuba dive through an underwater paradise, and snorkel in the crystal clear waters yourself.

Do You Need a Maldives Visa?

The Maldives is a beautiful place to visit however there are some restrictions. In order to stay in the Maldives, you need a visa. You can attain this visa when you arrive in the country at the airport. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, it's best to apply for your Maldives Visa in advance; otherwise you might run into unnecessary delays.

Featured Resorts for Honeymooners

The islands of the Maldives offer a variety of unique experiences that will ensure a life changing honeymoon. We have gathered a list of the most ideal honeymoon resorts for you.

1. Ayada Maldives

Ayada Maldives Resort
Ayada Maldives is a luxury resort located amidst a large pristine reef within the southern rim of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the southern Maldives

Things to do

Romantic Dinner
Ayada Spa

2. Pullman Maldives Maamuta

Pullman Maldives Resort - Underwater Bedroom
Pullman Maldives All-Inclusive Resort is located in the southern Maldives' Gaafu Alifu Atoll, surrounded by a lush forest and a natural lake. The resort is merely a 55-minute domestic flight and a 15-minute boat ride from Male International Airport, and it offers the most lavish, all-inclusive vacations in The Maldives.

3. Kuda Villingili Resort

Chedi Kuda Villingili Resort Features Largest Swimming Pool in the Maldives
Connect with loved ones, make up for lost time, build friendships, and form new ones in this slice of paradise. Whether you are a couple, a family, or traveling in a group, this picturesque hideaway perfectly blends a sense of closeness and inclusivity with complete privacy and independence.

4. Lti Maafushivaru Maldives

Lti Maafushivaru Maldives - Water Villas
Maafushivaru Maldives is found on the southern tip of the Ari Atoll. Surrounded by clear waters, powder-white soft sand, and luxurious vegetation, this 500-meter island features spacious thatch-roofed villas, a spa, and a gym.
No matter what age, ethnicity, or location you might be from, there's no denying that honeymoon in the Maldives is one of the most amazing experiences.
We all need a place where we can relax and remove any distraction from our daily routines. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be long-term.
If you want to find the best honeymoon deals in the Maldives, contact our trip designers and we will be glad to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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